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Changzhou Green Lighting Co., Ltd.

Architectural floodlights, linear wall washers, window contour projectors, underground lights, IP65 ceiling lights, w...

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  • Phone: +86-519-88407165
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    269 Fumin Road, Changzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu, China
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Company Profile
Changzhou Green Lighting Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures specification-grade light fixtures for outdoor, industrial and landscape lighting. Located in Changzhou, China, Green Lighting is certified HNTE (China's High and New-Technology Enterprise) company that focuses on design-driven innovation. Green Lighting offers a unique collection of products and solutions that stimulate inspiration and deliver a quality fit for lasting value. The advent of energy-efficient LED lighting technology invigorates Green Lighting to develop a beautiful palette of lighting products that are engineered for years of dependable performance, while offering distinguished product designs and outstanding photometric performance.

Green Lighting's product portfolio consists of architectural floodlights, linear wall washers, window contour projectors, underground lights, IP65 ceiling lights, wall lights, street lights, and high bay lights. These products combines all the benefits of LED lighting in an elegant fixture and offer the design professional the ultimate in project flexibility. The architectural light fixtures create a robust, customizable tool for implementing an architect's vision for nighttime facade lighting. The company's outdoor LED luminaires feature a sleek design and distinct light patterns that breathe life into architectural spaces. The modern styling of Green Lighting's LED street lights offers a complete and consistent look for all area lighting applications. Green Lighting high bay lighting fixtures are optimized for low- and high-bay environments where long life, low maintenance, and glare-free illumination are required.

By maintaining a close relationship with lighting designers, architects, and lighting professionals, Green Lighting has been consistently developing inventively designed products to support its customers' vision at every stage of the process in its 15,800 square meter facilities. The vertically integrated operation provides the company a complete palette of capabilities that include industry design, tooling, die casting, thermal modelling, optical and electrical engineering. Green Lighting's products are engineered, manufactured and tested to highest specification grade standards to ensure reliability, performance, and quality.
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